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I offer the following marketing services:

  • Adwords management
  • Facebook advertising
  • Landing pages, Sale pages
  • Email marketing
  • Copywriting
  • End to end automated marketing funnels
  • Campaigns/promotions and product launches
  • Marketing videos / Video sales letters
  • Banner ads
  • Marketing dashboards
  • Performance tracking set up
  • Conversion optimization
  • Full marketing management: strategy, implementation, and growth

Get a Marketing Audit

A look at your current stats, landing pages, funnel, offer and overall strategy nearly always reveals opportunities to lower customer cost of acquisition costs and increase lead and sales conversion rates.  Click here to see the marketing audit service.

Get a Landing Page

Smart landing pages can completely transform your online business.  Use them to win at PPC ad campaigns to increase your return on ad spend.  You have about 5 seconds to get their attention and make them want to stay. And then you have to convert them into a lead.

What you say, how you say it, and how easy you make it for them to make a decision and take action, make the biggest difference.  House it all in a beautiful design – that’s a landing page that could change your business.

I have a solid track record of effective landing pages that convert visitors to leads and buyers.

If you would like to learn more about landing pages, the different types and why they exist, click here.

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Our Process Produces Amazing Results!

What’s the difference between an ‘ok’ landing page and a great one with high conversion rates?  Answer: Process of creation, creative talent and experience, and creative management.

I will create your landing page by moving through a process of discovery: personas and their behaviors, psychological links to the product, and previous data analysis.  This enables me to write copy and create design elements that speak directly to the “top of mind” concerns, “burning desires” and “hair on fire” problems that trigger conversion.

Discovery and Conceptualization
Data Analysis
Art Direction
Optimized Coding for Desktop & Mobile
Performance Tracking
A/B Testing & Optimization
Excellence Reporting

Get Email Marketing

emailEmail marketing refers to sending emails from your list host (E.g. Mailchimp, Aweber, Infusionsoft, Klaviyo, etc.).  I can create automated marketing funnels to engage your audience and sell your products.  This includes email copy and design where applicable.  Automated email marketing operates 24/7.

Email List Segmentation

List hosts use tagging systems in order segment your subscribers.  This enables you to target your email sequences and promotions according to their behavior.  In short, you can send relevant content and offers which resonate with previous behavior and purchases. Segmentation, therefore, has a number of benefits including higher overall sales, conversion rates, and list health.

Live Promotions, Campaigns, and Product Launches

In addition to your evergreen/automated funnel, you can, and should run live promotions based on holidays, seasons, new product releases, and sales.  I refer to these as “live” campaigns because they are not automated and they have a specific end date – which typically triggers 40-50% of the sales!

In every email I deepen the relationship with the subscriber and weave in everything I can to inflame their desire for the product.  Here are three emails that show various psychological triggers to do exactly that.

Must Read: Due to tougher spam laws, domain blacklisting, and blocking, email marketing strategies have changed.  You can read about it here.

Get a Sales Funnel

Ok!  So you have a landing page … and now you have email marketing.  Throw in a sales page and checkout page and presto!  You have a sales funnel! Well, it’s not quite that simple.  Good funnels knock down specific objections and segment your buyers for effective marketing.

Here are some sales funnels I have designed.  Just click on the images, a new window will open, click again to see a large view.

Get Banner Ads

Here are some sample banner ads.

Get List Building

It’s crucial these days to close a sale on your site quickly.  Still, you’ll offer freebies to get visitors to sign up to your list and then on the Thank You page, make them an offer.

In this video I talk about what makes a good list building freebie.

Get a Marketing Dashboard

(We know you want one!)

If you are tracking your performance stats, formulating growth hypotheses, AB testing, and as result growing your profits, you may not need this service. On the other hand, if you are not consistently applying this process to increase profits, I can make this happen for you.

Whatever the case, you no doubt understand the importance of tracking your performance data as The best way to grow your online business. Why? Because guessing at what will make your business more profitable is expensive and rarely produces good results. With all the data available from your shopping cart, CRM, and Google Analytics – the weak points in your traffic and conversion become very clear.

Here’s how I leverage data to grow your profits.

First, we’ll install a ‘Business Dashboard’ for you.  It tracks the following categories of data:

  • Customer Activation
  • Retention
  • Referral
  • Revenue
  • Resurrection

Your Business Dashboard auto updates and will show growth, profit, and opportunity. Check it every day or every hour if you like and watch your business grow.

365|360 Profit Growth

I’ll take a close look at your products, offers, and all available stats to generate multiple profit hypotheses.  These are clear and specific statements that support the rationale for AB Tests or specific marketing strategy.  I then score the hypotheses based on their overall cost vs. value to your business.  Finally, I will report my findings to you, suggesting the course of actions to grow your profits based on your available budget, resources, and goals.

growthAfter discussion and approval, I can implement the growth strategy. I will set specific growth targets on a timeline. Keep an eye on your Business Dashboard!

No two marketing strategies are alike because I have in mind your unique requirements, needs, goals, market, product, resources, and budget.

After discussion with you and an investigation into your offers and stats I may suggest that I become your “growth department.” That means I am confident we can grow your profits month by month.

Growth is a process of formulating many growth hypotheses. It’s good to have many ideas thrown into the pot from all areas of your company (not just the marketing team).

Here’s an example of a growth hypothesis:

“From observing an 8% open rate on the weekly newsletter email, I believe that surveying subscribers on what they value in relation to our business will unearth compelling topics and increase newsletter engagement. We’ll know this when we observe open and clickthrough rates after testing the new content against the current format.”

The next step is to rate the many profit hypotheses with criteria such as projected benefit, cost (time and resources), ease of implementation, etc. Those with high ratings are moved to the ‘top ten list’ … and then those are voted on by me, key stakeholders in your company, and possibly others.

The chosen tests are implemented weekly. A solid growth strategy is the launch of 3 tests per week. Perhaps two / week when getting started.

And now… drum roll…. you will see profits grow! Keep an eye on your Marketing Dashboard!

A business never needs to stop growing – I look forward to growing your business for the long-term.


STAT MARKETING! is the fast implementation of whatever will have the biggest positive impact to your bottom line in the shortest time period.

First, we’ll jump on a 30 to 60 Minute call to blast through exactly what you need to leverage the opportunity for growth.

Next, we’ll quickly implement the strategy, launch, track effectiveness and report.

Keep in mind, we understand you may not know exactly what will make the biggest positive difference in the shortest time. No worries, we know which rocks to turn over to find out.

STAT MARKETING! gets things rolling in the right direction quickly!

à la carte Services

We serve a wide range of clients with online businesses big and small, new and seasoned.  Our services are conversioncentric – marketing funnels, email, landing pages, strategy, tracking and analysis, and optimization.

However, as part of our growth strategies on the conversion side, we also partner with select providers to generate buyer traffic to your offers.  This can include content marketing campaigns (social media and SEO), pay-per click on Adwords and Facebook, and partnership marketing.  We handle everything for you.