Do you really need video for online marketing and sales?

It helps.  If done right, it can help a lot.

Why is video effective?  The big benefit of video is that it can a) efficiently deliver a message, explain, or make an offer AND b) hold all their attention while doing so because the format is much more entertaining than text and much less laborious than reading text.

I like video because it’s very effective at getting a prospect interested and excited about your product.  When they are excited, they buy more often.




There are typically three ways to use videos in your business.

  1. A home page intro to your business.  This type of video is less than 90 seconds.  It explains the purpose of the business and positions the prospect to take the next step which, most often is to sign up for a free trial.
  2. Marketing content.  The purpose of this video is to educate and most often used as part of a content marketing strategy to attract traffic to your website.  The video will appear on your blog, on your YouTube channel, and get widely distributed on social media.
  3. Sales video or, as they often called, video sales letters.  This video makes a specific offer to prospects.  They are often used in product launches.

Video Sales Letter Samples…

This is an explainer video for a home or landing page to qualify the prospect to generate leads.

This is a one-minute video for home page to build a subscriber list and generate leads.

This video gets the prospect excited about owning the product.

With great images, music, and sound effects, together with text to inflame particular emotions, video can be very effective to spur sales.  You be the judge!

This is a sales video or “video sales letter,” making an offer.

Sales video like this one for a high ticket training program can be anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes long.  Like an effective sales letter, there are many objectives.  It must show off all the benefits in detail, show value, scarcity, social proof, and deepen trust.  There are about 33 possible psychological triggers I use in these sales videos aimed at conversion.  The more efficient and entertaining, the better chance we have of holding their attention to the end.  We have experienced windfalls of conversion with these types of videos.

This video gets them EXCITED and MAKES AN OFFER.

This video pushed close to $100K in one month to an audience that had already considered the offer a number of times.  Things that made it work were the “Spring Training” concept, the live fast-track training sessions on a specific date and the opening of the room on a specific date, together with the show of proof and a solid offer … this was sweet!

90% of these prospects are men, over 50 years-old, can you tell?  We figured they would like seeing Muhammad Ali and men training to be ‘strong’.

This video gets them excited by showing ‘results in advance,’ fueling their desire for the product.

The object here is to get them excited by showing past results and testimonials… then push them to make a decision by a certain date; before it’s too late!  This marketing video makes a compelling offer by hooking the prospect with the many benefits as well as knocking down key objections to the sale.

This is a 16 Minute Video Sales Letter.  It was very successful.

This video hooks the prospect with many psychological triggers: qualify prospect (that’s me!), intimacy, enemy/alignment, proof, offer hook (free!), common sense, likability, and many others!

The purpose of this video was to generate leads/subscribers.

This cost of this service is very low and the value extremely high.  This generates the maximum of qualified leads.  It proved very profitable running PPC to a landing page with this video.

This is a sales video for previous buyers …the soft sell.

Previous customers who saw this video had already spent nearly $2K on software.  Upselling from there had to be more rational than emotional.

This a ‘video commercial’ to promote a coaching program.

The purpose of this video is to grab the prospect’s attention and get them excited… so that they’ll look for and open the email regarding the Profit Run promotion.

This is the first video of two in a product launch sequence.

This is the sales video.  Again it uses info / edutainment to hold their attention so that we can deliver the offer and ask for the sale.

The Drop Debt Video Sales Letter.

This is a good example of edutainment.  The prospect learns something they didn’t know and that puts them a step closer to solving their problem.  It also triggers reciprocity which deepens trust.  Most important, it makes them want to watch the next video which makes the offer.

More and more launch and sales videos! …